Residents & Fellows

We have an exciting program here in Buffalo - comprehensive and well established while at the same time ever changing and innovative. We feature nationally recognized multiple sclerosis care, long-term monitoring epilepsy facilities, multiple sleep laboratories, specialized muscular dystrophy clinics, expertise in child neurology and front line research in dementia.

Our residents work closely with a broad base of clinicians, including neuropathologists, neurooncologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neuroimagers, and specialists in all the major fields of neurology. We also promote a strong didactic program, with an emergency lecture series, "professor rounds" case presentations, and basic neuroscience teaching in addition to the weekly grand rounds. After residency, we offer fellowships in Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG/EMG) and Vascular Neurology.

Eva Tamoga, Ed.M.
Jacobs Neurological Institute
Buffalo General Hospital
(Building E, 2 nd Floor)
100 High Street
Buffalo , NY 14203